Welcome to the Metro-Detroit Pond and Garden Club

The Metro-Detroit Pond & Garden Club was established in 2002 when a group of homeowners gained an interest in water gardens, ponds and Koi,  They decided to share their ideas. They wanted to make the décor of their exteriors more beautiful. They decided that by adding Koi ponds; with the sound of water flowing, or beautifully designed Gardens sounded like a great Idea. The membership continues to increase primarily because friends of neighbors with ponds bring their friends by to see their ponds as well as others ponds.

                Ponds and water gardens are becoming very popular in Metro-Detroit. People are just amazed by what they see. It’s great that more people are catching the Water Bug. We meet the 3rd Sunday of the month from April until October, dues are $25 per household. At the end of the season we have a plant exchange and talk about what’s new for the closing of our ponds for the winter. Persons interested in joining us may do so by contacting (313) 533-5609